15 excellent tutorials to design T-shirts

For the design is a very dynamic area, it may be a web designer, graphic designer can be but also can be a designer T-shirts, only needed a lot of creativity and creativity to learn, the design of a shirt is not equal to design a printer and that the separation of colors is different for these designs use different software such as illustrator vector format and photoshop, mostly to design a shirt using 4-color separation should be given in the same program as color by color is printed by screen printing.

  Create a Three-Color Illustration

Create A T-Shirt Stitch Design 

vintage T-shirts

T-shirt Design 

tutorial t-shirt

Illustration Technique

CMYK Process Printing for the Emerging T-Shirt

Create Photorealistic T-Shirt 

Design a Retro, Rock T-Shirt 

Create a Complete Apparel Tech Pack

Create a Cute Vector Bear T-Shirt Design

  Create a T-shirt graphic

How to Prepare Artwork for Screen-Printing

want to learn here is a selection of 15 good tutorials that will help you from creating or sketch to just end, even as it should be put on and take in the presentation of a shirt.

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